Sunday, 25 August 2013

Prep Time Folks

Happy Sunday folks,

The sun is trying to shine here in Northumberland. The House Elf is busy ironing whilst he listens to the football on the radio. Bless him, he is a Middlesbrough supporter and is the eternal optomist especially at the start of the season that this will be the year they will return to the Premier League.

Maisie is having 40 winks. She has had her morning trip to the beach and had a game of football and now needs a bit of a rest before she starts again later.

Me? I'm prepping for 2 shows on Create & Craft on Thursday 29th August at 9.00am with Nigel and 3.00pm with Leonie so prepare to be entertained. I will be demonstrating the Perfect Papercrafting Companions CD ROM Set and Bev the Blade's templates so I hope you will find the time to join me.

I thought I would give you a little insight as to what I do when I prep for shows. Believe you me it can take me hours just to prep one demo as many of you will know if the mojo is not working then it's time to step away from the craft room.

First you design your card, the one called "Here's one I made earlier". I always have one of these in case I forget what I am aiming to make. That's the hard bit as it has to be noticeable. I always plan 4 demos per show so that's 8 projects in total, 4 finished samples and 4 prepped samples. Now it can take me several hours to come up and prep one demo so you can imagine how much effort is needed to prep a 4 day Deal which can be up to 12 shows!!!!!

Here's what my desk looks like after prepping one sample:

The finished card is on the left. I then have to print and cut out every piece a second time. I dot & dash all the papers. cut out all the pieces for the owl, the flowers and the leaves. All the embellishments need to have foam pads stuck on the back so that everything can be quickly pieced together. Everything has to be perfect because it is scrutinised especially if they do a close up.

I try not to do the same demonstration twice in a day so sometimes coming up with 40 different demos is quite challenging.

Everything is then packed in a plastic bag together with the "Here's one I made earlier" and labelled and then packed in my craft trolley which is checked several times before it goes in the boot.

I have nightmares that I forget my demo packs. I once forgot my clothes. I kid you not. I got to Blyth services which is over half way to Peterborough and when I looked on the back seat there was no suit bag. I had left it hanging up in the garage. It's the first time I have ever been pleased that they cancelled my shows I can tell you!!!

Happy crafting,


  1. Hi Lynda
    I thank you for all the effort you put into your demos, I can just about managed to make 1 card at a time, I have just been asked to make some invites for my daughter Kara's goddaughter's christening and could be 45-50 never done anything like that before so wish me luck.
    Looking forward to seeing your shows on Thursday have set record to watch at my leisure.
    Happy crafting
    Love Tina x

  2. I love all of your demos Lynda but, if I'm being truthful, I doubt if any of us actually realise just how many you have to do and the amount of time it must take to put them all together..OMG! th 4 day deal must be stressful..all that prep and then all the must be glad to get home to some cuddles from Maisie and lots of TLC from the House Elf.
    Looking forward to this weeks shows and will most certainly appreciate your hard work x

  3. hello I often wondered how many cards you would have to get ready for the days shows, a lot of work. I don't know weather I cold think of that many. your in bill must be big. it coasts me 50 pound for my 2 cartrages, for my printer. but I don't mind if its for charity. I like the look of the owl. I have made another posey box with the stag, and done some teabag folding it looks nice. had no problems with it,i love them. crafting hugs bluebell-flowerwood. I have joined your blog.