Thursday, 22 August 2013

Back for more!

Happy Thursday folks,

It's turned out to be a lovely, warm & sunny day here in Northumberland and I hope it's the same where you are. I have been at my desk since 8.45am but so far have not achieved a lot. It's day 4 of my diet. Did you watch that program about dieters at 9.00pm last night. It made me want to eat my evening bowl of Rice Krispies but I was strong and did not cave in!! I have invested in one of those vibro exercising machines that Ideal World sells. Rick who demonstrates them promises me that this time next year I will be sylph shaped (that means thin) so you are all witnesses now. You stand on the machine for 10 minutes 3 times a day and it makes you wobble. This you can do whilst watching the TV so at the moment  I'm keen to give it a go.

Maisie is hiding under a dining room chair at the moment, well part of her is as she's too big to fit under one chair. The culprits which are causing her to hide are on the dining table....... cotton wool and EAR CLEANER. She only has to see the cotton wool and she is off. Bless her she has poorly ears which need regular cleaning so we have to deploy cunning tactics when it comes to ear time. She's a fast learner I can tell you so it is a constant battle to come up with new diversion tactics.

The House Elf is mooching which is not a good sign as for the moment I don't know where he is or what he is doing. He has a new hobby. It involves watching episodes of Gunsmoke & Rawhide in black & white. All I can hear upstairs is the sound of gunfire and they say today's TV is violent. It's nothing compared to old westerns I can tell you. It's now getting serious and I may have to have words as old episodes are clogging up the Sky + and I need room for my stuff on there.

Here's a good one for you. We had a card from the post office about a parcel with insufficient postage and that if we wanted it they needed £2.10 to free it. Off goes the House Elf to the sorting office and brings back the freed envelope. Guess who sent it? Create & Craft. it was 3 DVD's of one of my shows from the Pollyanna Pickering 4 Day Deal. To top it all there was NO POSTAGE at all paid on it.

So here's my card for today. I love the stamp. It's from Prima and I have 4 different dolls. I will be demonstrating this card on C&C next Thursday.

To create this card you will need:

  • Perfect Papercrafting Companions Double CD ROM Set
  • White card
  • White paper
  • 7" x 10" card blank
  • Card Candi
  • Foam pads
  • Pinflair photoglue
  • Prima Mixed Media Doll Stamp
  • Archival ink pad black
  1. Print out a background from the negative polka dots design sets in 2 colour choices
  2. Stamp the Doll Stamp twice. Once on to white card and once onto one of the dotty backing papers
  3. Cut a rectangle 21cms x 10cms from the second dotty paper. 
  4. Mat this rectangle on to white card 22.2cms x 11cms and then onto black card 22.6cms x 11.5cms
  5. Place this mat to the right hand side of your 7" x 10" card as illustrated.
  6. Cut out the stamped image from the white card leaving a narrow border around the image
  7. Cut out the doll's dress and hairband from the dotty image and using the photoglue adhere them in place on to the white stamed image. This is called paper piecing and is a great way of "colouring in" an image if you are not very good with colouring pens & pencils.
  8. Place the stamped image in the centre of the rectangle
  9. Print and cut out your alphabet tiles and place down the left hand side of the card. I find it helps to angle your letters and to put a different number of foam pads on every alternate letter.
  10. Print and cut out a sentiment and add to the card.
  11. Place your Card Candi at the top right and bottom left corners. Always use odd numbers.
Most of the elements used can be found on the Creative Crafting World website:

You will be pleased to know that I have now located the House Elf. He is mowing the lawn in the front garden.

Crafty hugs,


  1. Hi Lynda, we have lovely sunshine here in Hull, trying to finish cards for my daughter Kara's 30th on Tuesday, I am under strict instructions that no age is to be on them. Hope you claim back double from Create and Craft. Our Max has bad ears but he is just too big and strong for us to get any where near them so its a bit hit and miss as soon as we get the stuff out of the cupboard, even tried disguising the bottle, who says dogs are daft ha ha
    Happy crafting
    Love Tina x

  2. Hi Lynda

    Hope you're well can you post this card and how to make it on CCW FB please it is great. Love Cx